The Boomer Generation of Weddings, Part Deux + GILT GOES BRIDAL

Oh yeah, it’s happening. Ann Taylor, our go-to work fashionista (even if it makes me sound old, I love her), has come out with Wedding Dresses. She only has about five wedding dresses to her name at the moment, but they’re shockingly affordable, from around $400 to $700. But her entrance into the wedding world doesn’t stop there. She’s also well-equipped with 33 bridesmaids dresses, swatches, tips, fit guides, and even Wedding Albums shared by past Ann Taylor Brides.

Ann Taylor Weddings and Events

Outside of informal clothing brands going bridal, it seems like toy manufacturers (or at least their labels), are also getting in on the wedding craze. Now, since this is an editorial blog, I’ll be honest and tell you how frightening i think these dresses are. But to each his (or her, in this case) own, I suppose. They’re perfect for the lady who thinks she’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.

Barbie Bridal Collection

Despite the fact that I’m a little sore-eyed from looking at these Barbie dresses (which by the way, my favorite cousin SG loves…), it’s so exciting that brides these days have so many choices. The tradition of sticking to white, tight on top/poofy on bottom dresses, is being challenged and weddings are becoming all the more personalized. In a world of customization, what better way to appeal to all the fabulous brides-to-be out there!

In other news, Gilt Groupe is (FINALLY) going bridal. If you can’t read the invitation below, let met just tell you (mostly because I can’t contain myself…), that their sale includes brides and bridesmaid dresses, DIAMONDS, accessories, men’s suiting, beauty essentials, gifts, honeymoon destinations, wedding services, and even the opportunity to win a Marchesa gown and an all-expenses trip to NYC. April 14th, ladies. GET ON IT.

Gilt Groupe

I could die of excitement!

Happy Saturday everyone!





One thought on “The Boomer Generation of Weddings, Part Deux + GILT GOES BRIDAL

  1. Your favorite cousin would also like to point out that the tradition of wearing white at weddings did not begin until the Victorian era, so roughly mid-19th century. Before that, American and European brides would simply have a dress made at the height of fashion (or for the less fortunate, their best dress, usually the one they wore to church every Sunday). Scandinavian brides even favored darker colors in their northern climate.

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