If you’re an entertainment junkie…

Happy Friday, Folks!

It’s a beautiful day here in Chicago. The sun is shining. The tourists are out. And despite the 30 degree, hardly-seems-like-Spring weather, I’m sitting comfortably inside my sunny cubicle, happily blogging!

I’m writing with a few purposes in mind today. 1) Because I need to DRASTICALLY improve my writing skills. I was sifting through some of my old creative writing/academic writing from college, and I literally wow-ed myself. In addition to this self-proclaimed plummet in my writing ability, my mom very tactfully told me that my writing isn’t as good as it used to be. BAM. There you have it. 2) Because I’m missing my man and have been daydreaming about love for the past three hours. And 3) Because what you’re about to see will result in you feeling warm fuzzies and developing a goofy smile, even if you’re sitting all alone in an office, like me.

Now I’ve always wondered how people get ideas for their engagement shoots. How do they know to build massive paper flowers? Or wear mustaches? Or dance around underwater? I am perfectly aware that these are unique and in some cases (underwater) extreme, but even the simplest ideas come from somewhere, right?

Think of what you do on a daily basis – or ignore the tangential glimpse into my own average life. Wake up (early morning or bedtime photo-shoot?), brush your teeth (this could just be awkward…), shower (underwater photo-shoot? okay… you let your mind wander with this one), get dressed (trying on cool and silly outfits in a dressing room photo-shoot?), go to work (corporate/secretary photo-shoot?… is my mind in the gutter today, or what? Jeez.), ride the bus home (take pictures on the train, or car photo-shoot??), get home and eat dinner (cooking photo-shoot??), and then plop down on the couch for some time with the good old TUBE…. now we’re on to something…

Some of my most favorite photo-shoots are based on television and film. Take a look at these works of art and I guarantee you’re leave inspired. Oh and also, the second picture is NOT a screenshot from The Notebook. Aren’t you just melting?!!?

Inspired by Disney's "UP" - Wild Flowers Photography

Inspired by "The Notebook" - Blushing Bride Studio

Inspired by "Gossip Girl" - Jen May

There’s a reason designers are involved in TV and Film production. So next time you plop down in front of the TV after a long day at work, make sure your honey knows you’re being productive. You’re in the process of planning your wedding, after all!



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