“Be the best version of yourself”

Good Afternoon Brides and eventual Brides-to-be,

With wedding season just around the corner, I’ve been devoting as much of my time as possible to getting ahead of the game at work (*real life moment*), and have been a little irresponsible when it comes to writing. My apologies! I promise not to make this a habit.

Today is a special day. Our friends at Refinery29 have dedicated today to bridal style. Check out their article here.

Refinery29: "Bridal Style Tips from Chicago's Hottest Bridal Stylist"

My favorite tip from featured stylist Libby Salerno is  that she “wants her brides to be the best version of themselves on their wedding day—not the best version of a total stranger.” Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s so important for a wedding to be quintessentially YOU. Your favorite colors, your favorite styles, your favorite flowers (and maybe your hubby’s too :)).  The only thing that matters is remembering the YOU in YOUR DAY and having a wonderful and memorable wedding.




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