The Boomer Generation of Weddings

Oh my gosh. Weddings are everywhere.  I feel like I’m in fifth grade again and I’m constantly seeing “signs” that I’m meant to be with so-and-so forever and always (except in this case, it’s more of a sign that I’m going to be a BOSS wedding planner, right? :)).

Upon entering my gym the other day, my thoughts were (for once) completely outside of wedding-scope. I was probably thinking how I ate Chipotle for the third time that week in order to use that ridiculous BOGO coupon, or about how I reallyyyy didn’t feel like working out, or promising myself that I’d be good even with 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill… But my strange stream-of-consciousness aside, I noticed WEDDING DRESSES in JCREW‘s windows. After immediately discussing this revelation with my go-to married friend, I was informed that JCrew’s wedding line is not new. I was a little sad I didn’t catch the trend while it was hot, but I was obviously beyond-enthused at discovering these dresses. They’re priced reasonably from $250 – $3,000 and some are really beautiful (in that JCrew sort of way).

JCrew Parigi Gown

JCrew Marquise Gown

Before running into JCrew’s bridal collection, I was sweetly acquainted with Anthropologie’s new collection called B H L D N. The dresses here are exquisite and incredibly unique. Some, I would say, even border on non-bridal (gasp!). But they are BEAUTIFUL.

BHLDN Homepage

BHLDN Ethereal Monarch Gown

Now, JCrew and Anthropology carrying wedding dresses is all fine and dandy – nothing too outrageous or surprising. The real kicker here, is the introduction of bridal wear at COSTCO. Yes, you heard right, folks. Costco, the wholesale, “buy enough that you’re good for the next 15 years and your future children will never go hungry,” WAREHOUSE is now carrying dresses! I must admit, I’ve purchased the occasional sock and camisole from Costco in the past, and I even invested in the alcohol-coma-inducing-sized Kirkland Vodka (okay, cut me some slack here… it’s made by the same people who make Grey Goose!)… but a wedding dress!?! The dress a woman wears on the most important day of her life? From COSTCO? Sorry but I am just floored. Whatever happened to trying dresses on in a large room with mirrors all around while sipping champagne with your favorite girls? Thankfully, the dresses at Costco are NOT Kirkland brand. They’ll carry designs by Kirstie Kelly (who apparently also designed for Disney Bridal).

Kirstie Kelly

Speaking of Disney Bridal, I’ve always been predisposed to Jasmine. HOT DRESS, GIRL. Even though the real one looks different…

Disney's Jasmine by Alfred Angelo

Okay, jokes aside. As you can see, the wedding industry is exploding and bridal wear is everywhere (no rhyme intended). It’s a great time to be in the wedding business! There are currently about 21 million people in the United States around average marriage age (which is 26 for woman, 28 for men). That’s a lot of weddings, and a lot of opportunities to learn the trade. Even if it’s just helping a friend plan her centerpieces, or organizing a bachelorette party. Learning takes place in more places than you know!

Bridally Yours,



One thought on “The Boomer Generation of Weddings

  1. I’ve totally scoured the Disney Wedding website. I actually know a couple who had a Disney Wedding! (or posed for their promotional material, rather :) ).

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