The 2.5 Billion Rupee Wedding

Hindustan Times

Platinum Weddings, take a back seat because the REAL platinum, diamond encrusted solitare, QUEEN of all costly weddings is here.

I was discussing my newfound blogging endeavor with my lovely grandfather in India the other day. He was very excited to hear about my rekindled interest in writing (being a journalist and short story writer himself) and sent along a Hindustan Times newspaper article for inspiration. After taking a read, I was STUNNED. A 250 crore (namely 2,497,635,540 rupees, and $55,503,012 – intrigued much?) wedding. The groom was gifted a HELICOPTER as his present from the bride’s side, the invitees included and entire VILLAGE of people and some of Bollywood’s biggest stars (one of which charge upwards of 20 million rupees to just make an appearance!), and each attendee was given a parting gift of approximately 11,00 rupees (or $245 dollars) each. And the kicker, for the advertiser in me… 250 crores is also the total worth of India’s online advertising market! Absolute madness.

I wonder how much they paid their planner… :)

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