“A Pop of Pink” by Kate Spade


Happy hump day! Just a few more days until the wonderful weekend, and what better way to wake up on the right side of the bed than with a pretty little “pop of pink” by Kate Spade. I’ve heard many varying opinions on Kate, but I personally love her. Any woman who can combine fun and classy is fine in my books! But since my purpose here isn’t to provide fashion critiques (or advice for that matter – I’m largely under qualified! To gain a better sense of fashion sense (reiteration intended) visit Erica Domesek over at P.S. – I made this), I’m going to share how Kate’s beautiful style can translate into wedding inspiration.

First and foremost, coloring. Kate doesn’t mess around when it comes to pops of color. In fact, at the moment, her site is ALL PINK. Yes, entirely. But it’s interesting to see what other colors Kate pairs with her pink. Even if you’re not the “drown my wedding in bright pink” type of gal, you can certainly translate Kate’s vision into a more understated color theme. Take a look:


Kate Spade "A Pop of Pink"

Kate pairs her pink (hello, “honeysuckle” anyone? Hate to say I told ya so!) with a bright yellow (closest to Pantone’s “Bamboo”), grey, orange, black, white, and not to mention this girl’s amazing red locks!

Kate Spade Hot to Trot Gold Bracelet

Kate Spade Sweet Spot Necklace

Kate Spade Crystal Corsage Bib Necklace

How gorgeous would it be to incorporate ideas like these into centerpieces? Or into backdrops during a ceremony? Or behind the head table at a reception? Stunning!!!!!

Kate Spade Lavish in Black

Kate Spade Lavish in White

I am a huge fan of the big flower trend. Especially paper flowers used in engagement pictures, as centerpieces, etc. (see Rock Paper Scissors for tips on how to make your own). I just love them!

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from a pre-defined color theme, or from some wedding you saw online (unless you absolutely love what they did, of course – just remember to make it yours!). Planners, some of your greatest sources of inspiration will end up being high-end fashion, or a Pottery Barn catalog. One of the brides I recently spoke with said when she was planning her wedding, she carried an old Papyrus card with her from start to finish because she liked the colors. Inspiration is everywhere! You just have to keep your eyes peeled.

Brightly Yours,



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