The Importance of being Fashion Forward

Imagine this: You’re walking into the Peninsula Hotel for your first meeting with the man/woman who is in charge of your big day (or if you’re an Indian Bride, your big week!). As you walk into The Lobby, you scan the area for your planner. You imagine he/she will be dressed to the T, professional, put-together, and looking fabulous. The host leads you through the sea of faces. You still can’t seem to locate your planner. No one looks the part. The host stops and you accidentally stumble into him. Why has he stopped? Where is your planner? And then it dawns on you. She’s sitting right in front of you in a grungy gray sweater, blue and white tennis shoes, and (you can’t even bring yourself to say it…) a brown scrunchie.

At this point, I would literally turn around and run. If you’re going to plan my wedding, show me that you have amazing taste right away – In other words, look like the show-stopping planner you want to be.

Someone who wants to be a wedding planner should be naturally blessed (or at least teach themselves to seem naturally blessed) with great taste. If a bride is going to trust you with her wedding, it is your responsibility to be well-versed in fashion, design, color, and most specifically, what is currently in vogue (not talking the magazine here, but V is a good start!). One of the best ways to stay on top of trends is to visit Pantone, the “World renowned authority on color.” Each season, Pantone releases a Color Report, outlining the colors that will grace esteemed designers’ new lines, and our wardrobes. The colors for Fall 2011 are:

And the color of the year is Honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle is described as “A dynamic reddish pink… encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life.” – Sounds perfect for a wedding, right? Pantone also teams up with The Dessy Group to create amazing bridesmaid dresses in the posh new colors, and provide help with color palettes.

From the perspective of a Wedding Planner To-Be, Pantone is the perfect resource to stay on top of the latest trends in color. More to come on how to look the part!

Fashionably Yours,



One thought on “The Importance of being Fashion Forward

  1. You see those colors and think “wedding,” I think “baby nursery palette”! Orchid hush would be gorgeous for a unisex room. Fam business! <3

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