Love Weddings?

Happy Almost-Friday everyone!

I wanted to dedicate my second post on WPTB to all of the amazing online content that has inspired me thus far. I’ll keep the list to only my most favorites to spare you from wedding overload (although wedding overload doesn’t sound too bad!).

1. 100 Layer Cake: This was the first wedding blog I came across through one of my old favorite bloggers (Creative Envy, where did you go?). Everything about this blog is amazing. They feature the most GORGEOUS DIY weddings. This blog helped me debunk the “all Indian weddings must by unnaturally large” myth. In my opinion the entire appeal of a wedding is constructing a day that exudes you and your hubs. There’s no need for excessive glitz and opulence (unless you’re just that kind of gal). A simple, understated, individualistic wedding can be just as beautiful (and potentially even more meaningful!).

Image by Feather Love Photography

2. Okay I take it back, I cannot possibly spare you from wedding overload… especially with an amazing site like Weddinggawker, a subsect of the “Gawkerverse: a network of inspirational, user-submitted photo galleries.” Weddinggawker will provide you with any sort of inspiration you’re looking for. Whether you need help picking out a wedding dress, need ideas on how to build your perfect bouquet, or are trying to find ideas for the most eye-popping (and moutherwatering, of course) cake, this is the place to find it. And even if weddings aren’t your thing (*gasp*), the Gawkerverse will help you find the coolest in home furnishings, handmade arts and crafts, and (my second favorite) food. You will love it all.

Courtesy of

3. Maharani Weddings: The tagline says it all: “a haven for South Asian Brides.” And it truly truly is. Shawna, the creator of Maharani Weddings (with whom you’ll be acquainted further very soon *wink*) has created the most comprehensive idea-generator for all South Asian brides. She has gathered all of the best vendors, the most exquisitely executed weddings, and the most beautiful wedding must-haves under one virtual roof. Two of my go-to brides (who had two of the aforementioned exquisite weddings) were featured on Shawna’s blog, and I have no doubt it was an absolute honor!

Image by Matei Horvath Photography

4. Merci New York: If you are a girl, who lives in a city, and who aspires to get married at some point in her life, you HAVE to check this out. This blog is the Blair Waldorf of all wedding blogs (ah, the GG reference. I told you I’m more girly than I ever thought) aka the Queen Bee. The venues are gorgeous (understatement), the real weddings are awe-inspiring, the invitations are literally so cute you just want to eat them up, I can’t even articulate what I think of the engagement sessions – point made? You have to see it to believe it.

Merci New York

5. Memories in Motion: After watching the Wedding and Love Story videos made by Memories in Motion, I didn’t know if I’d rather be a Bollywood movie star, or a Memories in Motion star. These videos are amazing. All of the girls in my family and I spent an entire day laughing, crying, and swooning over these unbelievable videos. I am seriously contemplating booking at least 5 appointments with them for the next few years for all of the weddings I’m going to be planning. They are beyond talented.

Memories in Motion - Amandeep and Supreet

There are so many amazing resources out there! And there are definitely more in my arsenal which I will absolutely share with all of you. That being said, these should give you enough eye-candy to get you through the pre-weekend slump.

Happy Exploring!



One thought on “Love Weddings?

  1. What a great idea – to show and share your path as you learn. I think this is a great way to demystify the wedding planning process and let brides and non-brides in on the excitement of weddings.

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