Introducing “Wedding Planner To-Be”

I’m so happy to see you here! Thanks for visiting my blog today. It’s these sort of endeavors that require the most encouragement and support.

I’m here to share my story. Before the last few months, my story was nothing more than average. I graduated from college in December of 2009, moved to Chicago, started a fabulous job at an advertising agency, and then started getting acquainted with myself. I started realizing that I wasn’t exactly the girl I thought I was. I liked my “underground” music, but I also liked Taylor Swift (wow, starting this blog off right! Brutal honesty!), I did enjoy dark documentaries and indie flicks, but I would never pass up watching a fun and flirty Bollywood movie, and I was obsessed (and don’t take this lightly), obsessed with weddings. Initially this confused me. I was in a happy relationship, but I didn’t think I wanted to get married… Why was I so enthralled by centerpieces? Color palettes? Beautiful venues? Engagement stories? Some may have simply said “because you’re a girl,” (Ha! Stereotypers) but I wasn’t going to let myself off that easy. Yes, plenty of girls watch Platinum Weddings and “ohh and ahh” over wedding dresses, but what kind of  girl keeps a list of every possible wedding-based blog they find? What kind of girl starts building idea boards of her own (and NOT for her own hypothetical wedding)? What kind of girl starts reaching out to brides out of nothing but intense curiosity?

A girl that’s meant to be a wedding planner.

So that is where I started – reading blogs, and magazines, watching “Say Yes to the Dress.” But I’ve landed up in quite a different place. I’ve spent the last few months contacting wedding planners and getting the low down on everything wedding. I was bold, I was forward, and luckily… it helped! I was able to build a relationship with a lovely, astonishingly successful mentor in NYC, with whom I experienced my first wedding. She has helped tremendously, and I can’t wait to share some of her tips with you! I have also set up interviews with a number of other planners and recent brides so we can get in on all of their deep dark wedding planning secrets and learn how to be the most savvy wedding planners out there.

So here’s to everything we’re going to learn.

The wonderful people we’re going to meet.

And the amazing weddings we’ll plan not too long from now.

Your Wedding Planner To-Be,



2 thoughts on “Introducing “Wedding Planner To-Be”

  1. Seems like this is truly a passion of yours. It’ll be interesting to see where this will take you in years to come. Good Luck with the blog!

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